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Therapy Dog International (TDI) Testing at ABC Obedience

Once you and your dog pass the Therapy Dog International Test, you will be certified (and insured) for visits to places such as nursing homes, hospitals and similar facilities.  There is such joy in seeing people respond to a visiting dog!  Having a friendly, social dog is only the first step. With some patience and training, you and your canine partner can master the training skills needed to pass the test and get started with your therapy dog work.  Its worth it!

P.S.  A Therapy Dog is not an Assistance or Service Dog.  Assistance dogs are trained to help with a disability and are specifically trained for work such as seeing eye, hearing ear and mobility assistance.  Therapy Dogs are amazing canine volunteers when working, but they are not permitted in public places where pets are prohibited.

To sign up for the test:

  • Make sure the test date is listed on the TDI website or has been specified at ABC Obedience.
    Click here for TDI website.  OR   Click here for "upcoming tests" page

  • Your dog should be well trained (please review the testing requirements before you sign up). At a minimum, your dog should be able to walk on a LOOSE leash and have mastered basic commands such as sit, down, stay and come.  You will be expected to have your dog leave food alone when told and to be in control around loud noises, silly people, crowds, children and other dogs. Your dog should want to visit new people.

  • On test day, you wlll need a copy of your rabies certificate and town licensing (not just tags!).  You will also need YOUR driver's license.  Please review the testing requirements, including a 6 foot leash, buckle collar or plain harness,  No training collars or treats may be used during testing. Current fee for the test at ABC Obedience is $20 (cash).  Click here for the test description and details.

  • Dogs in season (heat) may not be tested

  • To register, please email evaluator Lauren Friedman at lmf13@att.net.  Include the following information:
    1.  Your full name
    2.  Dog's name, breed (or description) and age (date of birth if known)
    3.  Email
    4.  Phone number and cell phone number
    5.  Mailing address
    6.  Date and location of desired test

  • If you can't access the internet or need to speak directly with the evaluator, you may phone Lauren at 203 877 6157. 

PARENTS:  We are always looking for children to volunteer to help us with testing!  Please call ABC Obedience at 203/458-2223 to join the list.  No obligation - when needed, we may call to ask if you and your children are available on test dates  (once you agree, we will count on you, test must be cancelled if there are not children available for distraction).  Children are never within reach of testing dogs.  ABC Obedience will give certificates for volunteer work contributing to Therapy Dogs is awarded to each child.