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Terms and Conditions of Enrollment

Please take a moment to read the information below.  Due to our limited class sizes, we must have a pre-registration policy that ensures classes are filled by committed students.

By submitting an online registration form or othr form of registration, I am registering for a group class with ABC Obedience Dog Training.  I understand that the non-refundable pre-paid fee is to ensure my enrollment in the class and may not be credited towards private sessions or merchandise.  I certify that to the best of my knowledge my dog is properly vaccinated, free from disease and in reasonably good health.  I further state that my dog has not bitten anyone nor has any history of overly aggressive behavior unless otherwise specified.  I understand that I am responsible for any damage done by my dog and that training will be terminated if the dog is found to be a threat to personal safety.  I also understand that effective obedience training is a function of repetition and consistency.  I will therefore to the best of my ability adhere to the recommendations made to insure the most effective training for my dog.
Training Facility Rules, Regs and Tips

Be Patient!   Remember classes are to teach YOU the skills to teach your dog, so listen while you are in class.  Much of the dog's learning will happen when you practice at home (1-3 minute sessions, 2-10 times per day).   Sometimes it may get frustrating, just keep coming and ask questions!  It is AMAZING to see how much progress our classes make in only 5 or 6 weeks!
 Class Structure 
  • Most group classes are 50 minutes long (except for the required Beginner and Puppy Kindergarten week 1 "humans only" class which is approximately 90 minutes). 
  • Feel free to come in 5-10 minutes before your class time.  We do try to start promptly and don't want you to miss anything.
  • There is usually a question period at the beginning and end of each class.  Don't be shy!  Please ask questions then (no such thing as a stupid or embarrassing question here) since after class is dismissed there is not enough time to respond.  You may always call during the week also.
  • The entire family, including children are able to participate in Puppy Kindergarten classes, due to the stationary nature of most exercises. 
  • Beginner Group classes are designed for adults.  Children are welcome to attend and encouraged to work with the dog at home with parental supervision. but may not handle in Beginner groups unless previous arrangements have been made.   Adult handlers may take turns during class so more than one person gets to practice. 

Dress the Part/What to Bring
(We will also go over this material the first night of class when you attend without your dog)
  • Comfortable, closed backed shoes (NO FLIP FLOPS!).  You may be asked not to participate in walking exercises if footwear is considered a potential safety issue.  Keep a pair of old tennis shoes in the car if necessary.   We have toyed with the idea of renting extra ugly bowling shoes, so its just better to come prepared...
  • Pockets or a bait bag.  You need something to carry training treats and allow your hands to be free.
  • Tons of soft, easy to chew treats.  Dry dog food, carrots or biscuits are too crunchy for class.  (We will cover the proper use of rewards and avoidance of treat dependency, don't worry!)
  • 6 foot leash is required.  Bolt snap, please.  Any material except chain or retractable leashes.
  • Escape proof collar.  Be sure your dog's collar is tight enough that you cannot wiggle it over his/her head before you leave the house!  Beware of plastic clips that can break.  Training collars/equipment will be decided on an individual basis once we meet you and the dog.  For now, safety is our main concern to prevent escape so close to Route 1!  We will show a variety of training collars and their uses during week 1 class.
  • Clicker and training aids as needed!
Clean- Up, Outside

Please try to get your dogs to "empty" at home before coming to class.  The small grass area to the right of the driveway (by condos) is for our dog's elimination needs.  Please clean up after your dog (poop bags inside if you do not have your own).  The bakery is kind enough to share the dumpster with us, so after tying up your bag, please dispose of it in the garbage (not cardboard) dumpster on the other side of the building.  Please do NOT walk dogs near the other businesses in our plaza as we try to be good neighbors!
Clean-Up, Inside

Everyone is responsible for clean up after his/her own dog.  Please use the kennel disinfectant soaked mop for urine and to mop up after solid waste has been picked up with toilet paper and flushed.  Please do not use paper towels - we want to avoid urine drippage and subsequent "marking" behavior, as well as additional trips to the dumpster.


Each class builds on the previous class, so please call if you cannot attend.  Don't forget we are training you to train the dog and sending in a substitute person with your dog will not work!  If we have another class on a similar schedule, you are welcome to attend it, but usually dates are staggered so that may not be an option.  We are happy to fax or send you the homework.  Scheduling a private make-up class (30 minutes) is usually well worth the $35 to review the class material and often address other issues a well.  Group students need not buy entire training packages to have private sessions at ABC or in home.

Unspayed Females

Females in season ("heat", menstruating) are NOT allowed at the facility.  We will be happy to postpone your class or in the case of private session clients, to conduct training at your home.

We are proud to offer the best training treats at great prices!  Everything at ABC is all natural, no preservatives, coloring or chemicals.  You will find a variety of soft, easy to break training treats, all made in the USA.  A great variety of training collars and leashes (6') are available too, including martingale collars, gripper leashes and our custom hands-free leash.  Behavioral chews are easy to find here too:  our long lasting bully sticks are odor-free (very hard to find!) and we do not sell any rawhide due to the risk of intestinal blockage and the use of arsenic and formaldehyde as foreign preservatives.  You may purchase what you need before or after classes as well as during our "weird, but worth it" hours: Mon 3-6, thurs 12-6 and Sun 11-1.  When buying your treats, we do recommend you AVOID artificial colors such as those in "bacon", 'sausage" and "pepperoni" themed treats (linked to skin problems and cancers).  We also suggest you do NOT buy treats containing BHT, BHA, propyl glycol and ethoxyquin.  Ingredients for treats from other countries such as China do not have the same regulatory controls for safety as those from the USA.

Have Fun and Don't Worry

Most dogs will be a bit unruly and distracted at first and most owners will be thinking that they alone have the ONLY not-perfect dog in the room!  Just listen to the best of your ability and try to get the techniques right!  Although we are happy if you have managed to get the behavior "at home", remember that during class your goal is to figure out how to teach that behavior anywhere, anytime, even with distractions.  Keep in mind, we are doing our best to give you information so you can change your dog's behavior.  If we give you instruction,  we are not criticizing.  If we say you are ugly and that your mother dresses you funny, THAT is criticism.  Please be patient with the learning process... it can be done!