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Read what our satisfied clients have to say:

ABC offers great classes in a super supportive atmosphere. And Robbie is phenomenal with dogs!  - Holly M, Retriever.  Private and Group Sessions

We have been a client of ABC for 19 years!! Three dogs later, we are now getting another puppy and will once again bring another puppy for training. We LOVE ABC and the positive environment. - Lori, German Shepherd, age 4 years.  Group and Private sessions.

Two years ago we adopted a pup from Tennessee. The best guess is shies a lab/ border collie mix. Zoe was very , how do I put this? For a 10 week old she was scary. She just didn't believe I was in charge, and maybe I wasn't. In desperation I stopped by ABC and met Jill. When I talked about Zoe, I'm sure she thought I was exaggerating, but we set up a one on one for that Saturday. Jill gave me the starting tools to begin to control Zoe. We enrolled in kindergarten and that was the start! Zoe is a work in progress, but she and I are coming along. If we hadn't met Jill, I honestly don't know if we could have kept Zoe, and what a shame that would have been. Thank you all so much - Glenda and "Zoe", Lab/Border Collie mix?, age 2 years.  Private and Group Sessions

Great trainers and store. We had lots of fun with very good people that helped us a lot. I highly recommend this school for you and your dog. Great store too with reasonable prices. Great courses too. Can't say enough good. They really helped me with my rescue dog. We will continue to visit often. - Pat Monroe and "Harley", German Shepherd, age 2 years.  Private Sessions.

My 10 month old beagle was out of control. Robi came to my rescue just in time. After just one session I saw results. She worked with me (which is the key) to get my dog to behave, to be able to take a nice walk, not to nip. She was a Godsent!  - Mary Cofrancesco and "Eddie", beagle.  Private sessions.

Even though it was more than 12 years ago, I still think often about how much fun we had a Puppy Kindergarten. She played with all the other dogs and ran the obstacle course. But most importantly, we got good advice about all the important things to do to have a well behaved and sociallized dog. I highly recommend ABC Puppy Kindergarten for any first time puppy owner. - Mark Czarnecki and "Jimmie", Black Lab, age 12 years. Group Classes.

Puppy kindergarten gave my dog the foundation to learn, but more importantly it taught me how to train. My labrador is on track to become a working dog, and I couldn't have done it without ABC Obedience. Many more exciting steps to go! - Chris and "Finn", age 7 mo.

ABC Obedience has been amazing!  We were actually considering giving up our dog due to some aggression issues.  After learning what to do differently, now she is great - even with tons of people in the house or around dogs in a class setting.  Our family stress level is way down, we can't thank you enough! - Curly Jones, Rottweiller age 3 years, Private sessions

I had never had a dog before and was so confused by all the advice and information out there.  Jill from ABC Obedience really showed me step by step how to communicate with my puppy and now my friends can't believe how well he listens.  It is so much fun to be able to take him with me so many places.  Maybe one day we will even get certified with the Therapy Dog test so he can visit nursing homes.  - Mable McCreaky, Cocker Spaniel, age 3 months, Private sessions

We had taken Buster to classes at one of those big stores and he did get to meet lots of other puppies, but my friend told me about ABC Obedinece and I wish I had taken him there sooner.  Her puppy learned impulse control around other dogs, how to pay attention and how to really do basic commands.  She also learned some obstacles and had time to play which makes her really good with other dogs.  I have now started puppy beginner and it is a little challenging, but I am really learning alot and I can see a difference already.  The "leave" command saved my daughter's after school snack just last night.  We would highly recommend classes at ABC. - Name withheld, German Shepherd, age 5 months, Group classes

My dog learned so much, but I learned more.  It really is all about training the people.  - Bill McPherson, Boxer mix, age 10 months, Group Classes

What a great experience with our training! Robi's firm and supportive training helped our dog Bella blossom. She went from a shy, fearful, hesitant unsocialized pup (9 months old) to a more confident, daring, playful dog. Robi also helped us modify our own behaviors that clearly were not helping the situation! We can't say enough good things. We will be back for some refreshers. Thanks! - Catherine with Bella, 1 year old poodle.  Private sessions

Robi is by far the best trainer we have ever had the privilege to work with. We have had some challenging rescues and sweet puppies that have evolved into being fantastic members of our family. She is a firm believer in consistent, positive reinforcement, even for the most difficult behaviors, and her sense of enthusiasm and commitment to our dogs has been amazing. My husband and I have learned a lot about ourselves and our dogs in the process as well! - Bruce & Renee with Zumba, Kokatat, Lakota, and Chance, Dobermans and Retrievers of varying ages.  Private sessions and group classes.

I must say Thank you and the Puppy Kindergarten was Great!!!!Not only did my puppy learn a great deal but we had a wonderful class and during play time all the dogs got along great.
I would come to work after a class and be talking non stop on all we learned and telling people they should take a class. Thank you so much. Looking forward to the Beginner group and some obstacle classes. We had a private session as well to stop barking and nipping. That was the BEST!!!! What a pleasure to learn how to handle your dog.
 - Diane with Dunkin, 4 month old Boxer/Jack Russell Terrier mix.  Puppy Kindergarten, Beginner Group and Private session